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Omega 3 - What the experts say

Read what the UK's top nutrition experts have to say about the benefits of Omega 3 for schoolchildren.

Dr Ann Walker
"Although in younger adults, the precise role of DHA in brain function is still under investigation, studies are showing that low levels are linked to a number of mental problems, including anxiety and depression."

Dr Morten Bryhn
"For normal development of intellectual capacity, vision and skills, a combination of the omega-3 fatty acids is indicated. However, for children with diagnosed ADHD, a high-EPA omega-3 concentrate should be tried in combination with behavioural therapy and reduction of sugar intake."

Dr Sarah Brewer
"DHA is one of the hottest buzz words in nutritional medicine. Short for docosahexaenoic acid, it is one of the most important omega-3 fatty acids needed for optimal health."

Dr Ann Walker
"Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) are particularly important for the health of the brain. In fact, one of the omega-3 fatty acids called DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an essential structural component of brain cells, where it is the most prominent fatty acid."

Dr Morten Bryhn
"It has been demonstrated that access to essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) early in life is important for intellectual development during the first years, and that it can also have an impact on IQ, school abilities and academic performance up to the age of 18."

Dr Morten Bryhn
"Did you know that some fatty acids in the food that we eat are "essential" just like some vitamins are? This means that they cannot be made by our bodies and have to be provided in our diet."

Dr Thomas Stuttaford
"Omega 3 is likely to be useful in brain building in young children, developing their intellectual ability in the early years at school."

Dr Sarah Brewer
"Increasing evidence suggests omega 3 fish oils are important for improving children's learning ability and behaviour."

Dr Sarah Brewer
"Low levels of DHA in the brain have been linked with memory loss, mood swings and conditions such as dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism."

Dr Ann Walker
"DHA contributes to the structure of cell membranes that are laid down in infancy and is especially important for the development of brain, nervous tissue and the photosensitive cells of the retina."

Dr Adam Carey
"Our intake of omega 3 essential fatty acids has fallen over the last 50 years and there has been a dramatic increase in the intake of omega 6 fats, altering the natural balance. Omega 3 fats are required to maintain a healthy heart and brain, and I believe a purified supplement is crucial to good health both in adults and children."

Dr Malcolm Garland
"Omega 3 essential fatty acids lubricate the membranes of brain cells and make the business of nerve impulse transmission more efficient. Diets deficient in omega 3 EFAs are associated with less efficient brain function as they get replaced by the less beneficial (but more plentiful) omega 6 essential fatty acids and by non-essential fatty acids."

Dr Malcolm Garland
"A variety of papers have shown that supplementation [of omega 3 essential fatty acids] improves anger, fatigue, aggression, anxiety and general wellbeing. And of course supports the growth and longevity of brain cells."

Two Omega 3 capsules

Omega 3

"Laura Steve and John Burgess of Purdue University in the USA have discovered that children with higher amounts of the acids in their blood show better overall academic achievement and are specifically better at mathematics."

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A real human brain

Brain Fact

Each part of your brain has a different job to do (smelling, seeing, speaking etc). All the brain cells are connected up to form a huge network. If you count the seconds since the dinosaurs were alive - that's how many brain connections you have.


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